Our garage was the last to get finished during the renovation. Looking back, it should have been the first! I spent three years working out of a dingy, unfinished garage. But no more!

I started by installing fluorescent lighting along with three new circuits with outlets on all three walls. I also wired in a dedicated 240volt circuit and outlet for my air compressor. I fully insulated the walls and ceiling before hanging and finishing drywall throughout. We hung shelving and racks for the tools to keep everything off the floor and organized. My best friend and I put down a coat of the two part epoxy after prepping the concrete and filling cracks. I also modified a window air conditioner that helps keep the space cool in the summer heat (when the door is closed). I still need to insulate the door or get an insulated door, preferably one with windows in it.

The result is perfect for a garage and home shop. We use it to complete the first part of our build until the project outgrows the space. It’s bright, spacious, organized, and comfortable. It is already paying for itself in convenience and comfort to work on the project along with the other home owner projects and honey-do lists that have gotten done!